[Green Strategy]  Using Green Technology to Fight Covid-19:Challenges of Running Green Businesses

Felipe Tan

  • Director, Timeless Group Companies
  • Fellow of Environmental Industry, Asia Pacific Institute for Strategy ( 亞研所院士 )


In 1992, Premier Li Peng participated in The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Brazil, more than 180 Nation participated and 103 heads of state or government personally attended the meeting.

They passed the Earth Charter to prevent global warming and to stop the extinction of animals and plants. I could not imagine how much international attention the conference attracted. Every country recognizes that the consumption of earth's resources has reached the time to change human behavior.

Cherish Our Living Environment

I went camping in Sai Kung 40 years ago. It was hard to tell how fresh the air was. The natural scenery was more “high-definition” than today’s HD.

I moved to Sai Kung 20 years ago. The air was still fresh and the scenery was very beautiful. But it seemed to be a little dusty on my table.

Just few years later Hong Kong seemed to be smoggy every day. Then it worsened, wondering if this is the so-called Haze?” Oh, even Hongkong!

Environmental Protection

I was engaged in the recycling of scrap metal. I purchased scrap metal materials from Europe and the United States, shipped them to Guangdong, put the materials in the stockyard, invited buyers to auction, educated them to dismantle and reclassify reusable or disassemble and sorted out metals for recycle, so as to extend the lifespan of the product or to extend the same of materials and reduce the consumption of earth resources.

The realm of environmental protection is about cherishing and caring for the earth.

Since Premier Li Peng returned to China, China’s environmental protection system has been established. At the end of 1992, a cable recycling plant of mine was ordered to move out of Shenzhen Shuibei Industrial Zone due to noise pollution. In 1994, same was ordered to move out of Guanlan because it was rezoned to be water resources protection area where the recycling industry was not allowed (although we were zero emissions). Who says that China's environmental protection does nothing?

Return of Natural Resources to Nature

During the operation of metal recycling, I got to know the plastic industry and participated in the investment in a water-soluble and bio degradable plastic film factory. Our materials are materials generated from burning of natural gas. The soluble film can be designed to dissolve in water under preset temperature conditions. After dissolved substances still exist, the substances will be eroded by microorganisms in nature.

Under composting conditions, more than 90% of the substances can be converted into water and carbon dioxide within 180 days and return to nature. This is from the recycling industry that prolongs the lifespan of natural materials, further to taking from nature and returning to nature.

The Road to Environmental Protection

The road to environmental protection is lonely. The water-soluble plastic film factory has been working hard for 15 years. People love natural environment and willing to protect it but mostly prefer money in the pocket.

We keep developing products according to the wishes of our customers, but often only for couple of orders. We always hve to find new customers, new methods of use and users, from water-soluble films, medical laundry bags ( can put the bags directly into the washing machine without unpacking to prevent infection to the laundry staff), pet poop bags(can direct flush away), laundry beads film (laundry detergent packaging Film) bananas, cantaloupe fresh wrap film (can keep bananas for 30 days without yellow spots, melons do not mildew in 30days, will not grow hair, fungi).

Until the rise of environmental protection awareness in China and European countries and consideration of legislation, water-soluble film can then stand on its own foot.

When the epidemic came, the medical system used water-soluble laundry bags in all directions to contribute to environmental protection and protection to employee health.

The Market Expands under the Pandemic

On January 24, the government notified our factory not to take holiday over the Chinese New Year. Hospitals in Wuhan and Hubei purchased water-soluble laundry bags.

The factory operated in 4 groups for 3 shifts in the absence of masks, they worked with one mask for 5 days, overtime day and night, arranged various transport clearance procedures, and raced against time to deliver products to the frontline medical staff.

Since last year, the films for laundry beads finally hit a market, the factory started to expand. Instead, the expanded production capacity were used to produce laundry bags first to ensure Hospital front-line demand.

Under the pandemic, the tourism industry is bleak, and hotels shifted to entertain quarantine guests. To protect the health of employees, a foreign Hotel group contacted us to request to design water-soluble laundry bag that meets the needs of their house keeping for daily change of bed sheets, bath towels, pillowcases, etc. After packing, it is directly delivered to the laundry factory and directly put into the washing machine. There is no need to remove the bag to prevent infection during the journey.

From hospital to hospitality, recently there is a hotel group inviting tender to purchase a very large number of water-soluble laundry bags. We are considering expanding production to Meet their requirements, but we also need to consider the business prospects after the pandemic.

Good Wishes

In order to maintain the production capacity after the pandemic, we consider designing a trademark that is in line with our industry. We own the “marine friendly” trademark which is widely accepted by environmentalists and are developing a "Thank you boss for caring" trademark for use on water-soluble laundry bags. Saying thank you Boss. And always observe if bags carry the caring trade mark. (if not)

The United States withdrew from the Kyoto Protocol in 2001 and withdrew from the Paris Agreement in 2017. But when the international community raised its head on environmental protection, Big Brother turned his face.

I hope that everyone will give the earth a little breather for themselves and for children. Let the long march take a baby step.

Every day when you see the beautiful weather, tell yourself that this is the effect of your baby step. Thank you!

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