Pioneering Sales Growth Strategies Seminar Led by Industry Experts Draws Wide Acclaim

The "2024 Sales Growth Strategies: How to Achieve Double-Digit Revenue Growth Consistently" was successful held in collaboration with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) Government's Trade and Industry Department and its Support and Consultation Centre for SMEs (SUCCESS). The seminar has set a new benchmark for industry collaboration and innovation.


Evaluating the Performance of Artificial Intelligence in Generating Business-Related Content: A Workshop with the British Chamber of Commerce Macau

Rather than replacing human workers, A.I. can be seen as a complement that accelerates and facilitates certain tasks. Organizations should strategically integrate A.I. into their workflows to capitalize on its strengths in automating routine and data-intensive activities


Don’t over rely on AI, expert warns BritCham members

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot-button topic these days, with companies of every size exploring ways to leverage it best. But enterprises mustn’t see it as a panacea. It learns from “your data, behaviour [and] senses,” he said. But “actually, it never understands you.”


Advisory Report: Strategic Planning in Light of Changing Geopolitical Dynamics

Changing geopolitical dynamics, especially between US-China, offer both challenges and opportunities for businesses operating out of Singapore. This report aims to synthesize these perspectives and provide a guide for CEOs in crafting a flexible, proactive strategy that navigates this geopolitical landscape.


Announcement: Recap of the "Strategic Planning for 2024 Dinner"

As we continue to sail through 2023, understanding the ever-evolving business landscape and staying ahead of the curve is vital for any organization. With this spirit, we held an exclusive dinner gathering last evening - Strategic Planning for 2024 Dinner on September 27th, 2023.The evening shedded light on the strategic directions various organizations might lean into for 2024.


APIFS Successfully Hosts Exclusive Director Roundtable Focused on Strategic Planning for 2024

The high-profile 'Director Roundtable' event was held on August 24, 2023 at Sheraton Tower, Singapore. The event brought together 100 esteemed CEOs from a diverse array of industries to discuss and share insights on strategic planning for the upcoming year, 2024.


Report on Director Roundtable: "Strategic Planning for 2024"

The overall sentiment of senior executives in Hong Kong regarding the political and economic climate of 2023 compared to 2019 leans negative. However, there is a brighter outlook for 2024, suggesting that recovery and growth are on the horizon.While market trends are looking positive, internal assessments suggest companies......


[Asia CEO Forum] A.I. Leadership at the Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Research Director of the Asia Pacific Institute for Strategy, led a riveting discussion on the impact of artificial intelligence on the workplace and future career landscapes.The seminar was attended by an impressive assembly of Directors and CEOs from companies across multiple industries.


[Youth I.D.E.A.S. ] 「Economic Development 」Research Series – Tapping into the Economic Opportunities of the Metaverse

Metaverse can bring more choices and ways for enterprises, and it is recommended to formulate a digital economy development policy as soon as possible, establish the status of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, and launch the "Metaverse Development Pilot Program" to cultivate the industry.


[TaKungpao] Hong Kong Intelligent Manufacturing: Make good use of the advantages of GBA to help manufacturers transform

「Re-industrialization」should integrate with GBA, create new advanced manufacturing industries and a complete industrial chain, formulate relevant development standards and platforms, and provide high-quality self-owned products and professional services to the world.


[Awards] Hong Kong Apparel Society: 20th Anniversary & Inauguration Ceremony & Business Strategy Award

The HKAS 20th Anniversary & Inauguration Ceremony & Business Strategy Award was fully hold, we were sharing the 2022 Trends and the challenges and opportunities of virtual digital, cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence to executives in the industry.


[Inflation Strategy] Business strategy for enterprises to ensure profit margin under global inflation

In next five years, only 12% of companies will stand out and become resilient leaders.If a company cannot capture the cost change of supply in a timely manner, it is very easy to fall into the dilemma of revenue growth and profit decline.


[Digital Transformation] How to strategically lead the digital transformation of enterprises?

For current entrepreneurs, the application of technology is ubiquitous. Large companies may also be defeated by new companies by means of technology, and new companies are growing faster than in the past, similar to the "Moore's Law" in corporate development.


[High-growth Strategy] Enterprise high-growth portfolio model and 12 growth opportunities in the future

High growth is not only a choice, but an inevitable requirement of enterprises. But is there a way to achieve high growth?McKinsey research found that the most important technologies for high-growth are actually Mindset and Organization Culture.


[Interview with Shih Wing Ching] Challenges and opportunities for Hong Kong companies in High-tech Era

The progress of science and technology has caused fundamental changes in the way of serving customers and the internal management of the company. If we can’t keep up, we must be subverted. We should adjust and enter a new era.


China Daily Hong Kong: The shopping festival serves as a touchstone of consumer preference and product quality for Hong Kong merchants

To make their commodities popular with mainland consumers, Hong Kong merchants have to improve their products and refine their services, to stand out.


[GBA Strategy] How can companies in the Bay Area and Mainland China leverage Hong Kong "Going Abroad" strategically?

When the global vision is opened and domestic demand is released, "coming in" becomes a necessity. When the global taste is opened, international demand is insight, and mainland enterprises take the initiative in product innovation, "going global" becomes possible.


Dr. Mark Lee: Strategic transformation breaks through management difficulties

Innovation will not be easy all the way. Although we bravely rush forward, innovation is like Huawei's Ren Zhengfei said, "entering no man's land." What is no man's land? Ren Zhengfei said: "We have never experienced this technology field before. Only Huawei is at the forefront in the world." The difficulty is unprecedented.


[Innovation Strategy] How to innovate and face market adversity?

Consumer Lending is a traditional industry and it will never be eliminated. However, it is subject to market changes and impacts. “Boldness and experiments, as long as they do not make the company disappear”: this is my consistent belief to encourage my teams with.


[Innovation Strategy] LBS Group's Ecosystem Innovation

When the sales of the middle-drawing type machine increased sharply, there began requests to paper merchants to customize the paper. This development broke the monopoly of the giant opponents over the entire industry chain, and enabled us to successfully cut into ......


[Development Strategy] Building a Learning Organization:For a positive and people-focused corporate culture

The world is changing so fast these days. With Covid-19 and US/China conflict, we are seeing a turbulence business environment that would need us to take quick actions and constant monitoring our plans for the future. This can only be done if our company is a learning organization......


[Greater Bay Area] Industry Clusters for Global Innovation

The industrial cluster is actually an onion effect, and the resources obtained near the industry may not necessarily be your industrial resources. Not just production, high requirements are required of customers, China’s 1.4 billion population, plus Southeast Asia’s population with unique tastes.


[Leadership, Innovation and Strategy in Automotive Industry] Who Are Our Customers?

The launch of the 5G technology also accelerates the development toward the level 5 fully autonomous driving vehicle. Buying and owning a car is simply not the only option and the imminent question to ask is “who are our customers?”


[Green Strategy] Using Green Technology to Fight Covid-19:Challenges of Running Green Businesses

We keep developing products according to the wishes of our customers, but often only one order or two orders. It is also necessary to find new sources of customers, new methods of use and uses, from water-soluble films, medical laundry bags, pet poop bags, laundry beads film, bananas......


[Change Management] What can we do to face the challenges of the New Normal?

“It is change, continuing change, inevitable change, that is the dominant factor in society today. No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it will be... This, in turn, means that our statesmen, our businessmen, our everyman must take on a science fictional way of thinking.”


[CFO Strategy] How to prepare for a new round of pandemic as soon as possible?

The economic recession caused by COVID-19 is unprecedented in many ways. For advanced economies, this may be the most severe recession since World War II. For emerging markets and developing countries, this is the first economic contraction in 60 years...


[Crisis Management] Deal Terms Renegotiation: Investment Agreement is a Prenup?

“They are exercising the put option! Business is down the drain. I have no cash to repay. They are really pulling the life line!!” cried one of my recent clients amidst the pandemic.


[Stanford University Graduates Partnership]: How to build a hundred-billion-dollar enterprise from nothing with a HK partner

"Disposable pod like Nespresso!" was the original idea of JUUL’s cartridges, and there were different "flavor" designs. Could the design be mass produced? For start-ups, often good ideas and products could be stifled in the "mass production" stage.


Asset Management for the Pandemic: Real Estate Investment Philosophy in Disrupted Times

While the novel coronavirus outbreak has been driving people to busily stock their pantries, it is also a good time for us to re-think about our investment strategy in real estates.


Crisis Management for the Pandemic: Portfolio Management and Best Practice - The Rule of 30%

If there is disaster or emergency – the virus pandemic (COVID-19), natural disasters (2011), fire hazards (2019), nationalization, industrial disruption or consolidation just to name a few – you still have 70% of your resources to cover the loss of 30%. Your recovery speed will be much faster.


Change Management for the Pandemic: 6 Tactics and Pitfalls to Win People's Hearts to Change Effectively

COVID-19 is changing our global economies: from banking systems to government fiscal policies, from consumer behaviours to global supply chain networks, from business models to human resources and organizational structures.


Trend and Crisis Management: The Worst of Time, The Best of Time

Aside from the safety and healthiness of all staff, management need to detail out immediate exposure to supply chain disruption, legal obligation, insurance coverage, banking compliance, additional costs in coping with crisis, possible shutdowns, working capital crunches, third-party risks and broken command chain.


《Tai Hing 3.0》Foreword: Upgraded Strategy, Advanced Enterprise

When the three modes of 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 overlap in a market, the 1.0 mode is likely to have a cliff-like difficult period suddenly. Perhaps many companies choose to enjoy the benefits of the vested mode in the 2.0 mode.

But some companies entering the 3.0 mode will have breakthrough qualitatively and achieve high-dimensional breakthroughs. And Tai Hing 3.0 is Tai Hing's self-breakthrough.


[CEO Insights] Crystal Interview: Management Philosophy for an Enterprise from Zero to Billions

The biggest factor driving the realization of Industry 4.0 would be things outside the machine, which is the fully integration of human resources. Because every company is able to buy the same machine, but the key is how to maximize the effect of it!


[CEO Insights] Octopus Interview: Innovative Thinking Strategy

Enterprises must have high flexibility and innovative thinking in a changeable environment, seize opportunities and keenly grasp the development trend of science and technology innovation in the world.


[CEO Insights] The Bank of East Asia, Limited Interview: Development Opportunities for Hong Kong Banking Industry in Information Technology and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area (GBA)

There are totally 70 million people in GBA, and the area is over 500 times larger than that of Hong Kong. And different regions, towns, etc. can give play to their own advantages.


[CEO Insights] Pfizer Hong Kong Interview: What makes the enterprise successful - products or missions?

Now, due to popularity of AI and internet, consumers even can purchase drugs on the internet, so does it greatly impact you?


[CEO Insights] Ericsson (HK) Limited Interview: Would Hong Kong lose its competitive edge in the 5G era?

The Hong Kong Government is also implementing Smart City and willing to invest in it. But is it fully funded to become Smart City? Hong Kong is too small, and its return of resources may be less attractive than the costs. So it takes little effect here! 

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